Utopia | Part Four | The Yoga Experience with Charlotte Dodson

Whats Lighting Me Up

Oh why hello there, here we are the final of my four instalments of the darling event that was Utopia.  If you missed my thoughts on Melissa, Nat or Dr Libby just click away and have a read. But first let’s talk about the gorgeous light that is Charlotte Dodson.


This session felt a little different, more like a group meditation session, a step away from the outside world, into a world of cool, calm and collected. Charlotte’s voice is perfection; low, long syllables create such calm in the room. It is quiet, all is well. By this time of the day my pen had run out! (Yes I wrote THAT much) But to be really honest, I was so happy it had. It meant I could simply sit and be present, in the moment, which funnily enough Charlotte mentioned quite a bit. I love it when the universe steps in with exactly what we need. So what did I learn from Charlotte? What stuck with me? Here goes a little from memory run down!


First things first, my favourite quote of the day;



Charlotte used this beautiful Eckhart Tolle quote to punctuate each segment and I just love it. Gentle reminder, must print this and post it EVERYWHERE. Some of my other favourite points;



Stillness is the perfect bridge. When you drop into your heart and listen you can make changes in your life. We need to give ourselves more time to listen to our heart and let opportunities find us. This has been a big one in my world at the moment, so many women I know are giving birth to amazing creative ideas, ideas that will inspire and delight but they are also missing the process. Creativity thrives on space, stillness, by not being crowded out by the noise of the world (and quite often our own minds!) When was the last time you dropped into your heart space?



The more you practice, the more you reap the benefits, the more effortless it becomes. The shapes you make in Yoga can change your life. It doesn’t happen overnight. We so often find frustration in that. For me at the moment, that takes the form of backbends. My heart is still healing and being that open, that vulnerable in a Camel Pose for instance is too much for my body to bear. I have always had a problem with patience. I want to be able to do that again NOW. Charlotte reminds us that in the time of rush, rush, rush. What’s the hurry? Stop, slow and be patient and simply be. Do what you can; it is the days you don’t feel like practicing that it is most likely you need it. Roll out your mat, stand at the end of it and see what unfolds, more often than not these days will provide the most learning!



Tap into your inner Superwoman and become still on the three levels. No level is more important than the next. These levels are; Emotional, mental and physical. By connecting with stillness on all three levels you can begin to connect with your life purpose. Other things Charlotte touches on for the lifestyle component is clean eating, intuitively nourish, don’t be too hard on yourself. Listen to your own body. The inner process leads to the outside results. Get the inside right and the outside will fall into place… Stop, sit and observe, it is a good way to be in tune with your body.



So much goodness and such a divine way to end the day, I was transfixed with her words and I have since re-engaged with my own Yoga practice, slowly but surely. I am giving myself some time and space to watch it all unfold.


Just before I go, I will leave you the way Charlotte left us that day… with an action and a little reminder…

 Take a long deep breath in and a long deep breath out. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

Much love, em x

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