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Soul Sister Circle




Hi, my name is Emma and I am a Soul Sister Circle-aholic. You can read about my past experiences, here & here. But don’t do that just yet, for now, stay with me while I tell you all about the magical evening that was last Thursday…



When I arrived a little early I snuck in the back door to see my girls. I love getting a feel for the event before all the other gorgeous women fill the space. There is always a warmth about the room on arrival, but this was something else. The divine Corrina from Edee & Mildred had completely outdone herself (and any other event I have EVER attended!) the stage was filled with a purple mist, flowers & candle arbours, it was ethereal. Magical.



Lemon Canary’s Mystic filled the air, again, Magical.



There was yummy food, great conversation, lots of hugs and then there was Belinda! Who took the stage, looking like a rock star, ready to play to a packed stadium and we, were her groupies.


Belinda’s message is loud and clear, to get your life working, you need to get your seven lower CHAKRA’s rocking, fit & working! Her soul purpose is to help you all journey into your 5 higher cosmic chakras to discover what you are here to do in the world. (And DO IT!)


By sharing her beautiful story Belinda touched every one of us in the room, her mission for the evening was to, by her story, energetically lift each of us and to teach us a little of how to do the same for ourselves. Mission accomplished!


The whole evening was magical (there is that word again…) the only thing more beautiful than listening to Belinda speak, is watching her work!


As soon as the question was asked, the whole room was all pick me, pick me! Who would like to come up and have their Chakra’s read?… Now don’t get me wrong, the thought of being on stage (actually more being filmed) was not something I was all that keen on, but having Belinda talk to me about my very own Chakra’s was way too tempting, I didn’t care about being filmed, I just wanted in! I didn’t make it up on stage, but got to watch 5 amazing women have this wonderful experience.


There was laughter, fist pumping and tears, the woman is truly magical!




If you have the chance to hear Belinda speak and want to know more about getting your chakra’s rocking, I can’t recommend it highly enough, there are a few dates coming up, you can find them here.


Much love, em x

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