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Interview Series : Claire Baker


So today, is the very first in nine beautiful interviews with nine fabulous women creating there own way, following their hearts and living their creative desires.

I couldn’t think of a better gal to launch with than Claire Baker.

This woman! The true embodiment of creative fire, Claire lives her creative truth every chance she gets and with a gentle hand inspires other women to do the same.

When I think of Claire, some of the words that come to mind are passionate, positive, warm and feminine, I have been lucky enough to call Claire my coach (and now my friend) and she is just one of those people I was destined to meet.

Enough gushing from me, over to Claire, you are going to LOVVVVVE her.



+ Gorgeous girl, what does being creative mean to you?

I really believe that we are all creative. It’s our natural state of being. So to be creative is to honour your desires and natural flow. To MAKE! To ask questions and think outside the square and experiment and play. 

+ Show us how you have been creative today? I wanna see a pic, or a video or some words, don’t be shy now!

I love this question. I’m hanging out in the library at the moment. It’s currently my creative hideout. I mean, how ABUNDANT do you feel in a library? There are endless books and information and stories to devour AND IT’S ALL FREE! I feel so inspired in libraries. 

Creative Mavens

+ What kicks you in the arse creatively, what stops you in your creative tracks?

I have this habit of getting deep into the planning stages of a project, even sometimes making it halfway through the execution and then… Stopping. Getting bored. Losing track of my ‘why’ and feeling the desire to move onto something new and fancy and shiny. And that’s OK, creative freedom means that we get to decide where we focus our energy and attention (and we all have the right to change our mind!), but sometimes this can just be resistance making herself known. But I always seem to know the difference, thankfully.  

As well as that, I would say that old stories hold me back. I recently went to a workshop on writing fiction and announced to the class in our introductions “Hi I’m Claire and I can’t write fiction’ – and yet, there I was, in a fiction workshop – and the stuff that poured out of me really surprised me. It was good! I used to love writing fiction as a kid, but somewhere along the way I’d boxed myself in creatively and told myself I couldn’t write stories. That’s the funny thing about limiting beliefs… Sometimes, we are more than aware of what it is that inholding us back. But often, the story has become so ingrained and so “real” that we don’t even realise just how much we are standing in our own way. 

+ What do you find continually shows up for your beautiful clients around creativity? The universal issue?

“I’m not creative!” 



Creative Mavens

+ Resistance shows up often in relation to creativity, what techniques do you recommend to recognise it and move through? And what happens when you resist them!?

Ahuh, it sure does. (See comment above!) So there is a big difference between rest and resistance. Sometimes procrastination is divinity in motion and other times, we prance around our projects, peering at them, paralysed and doing everything in our power to NOT work on them. In terms of techniques for recognising resistance, I can offer your intuition here. Your gut instinct. That feeling in your belly that whispers “Go on…” as opposed to the constricting overwhelm that might suggest it’s time to take a break. 

The big secret to creativity is consistency. There’s no magic pill or skill. It all comes down to showing up every day. So honestly, at the end of the day, the only way through resistance is by taking action. Even just dipping in a baby toe. Giving yourself permission to for it not to be perfect, setting the intention to just have some fun, give it a go, experiment, see what happens… 

There is no feeling more unfulfilling than letting resistance win. It’s just yuck. You’ve got to be more afraid of staying stuck and frozen in your fear than the unexpected, chaotic, yet terribly rewarding territory of creativity. 

+ My favourite quote from Steven Pressfield is “If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.” how does that quote make you feel?

THE BEEEEEST. I love Steven P too. I remember so distinctly sitting across my friend Lacey a few years ago, asking her ‘can I call myself a writer?’ and she was like ‘Dude, if you write, you’re a writer. OWN IT.’ And so I did. It doesn’t mean it’s not scary to own your creative gifts, but fear and creativity go hand in hand. It’s a total love hate relationship, but as long as you commit to living a creative life, fear and self doubt is always going to be right there, tagging along. All that matters is how you deal with that. Do you let it stop you from stretching and experimenting and playing? Or do you dust yourself off and keep going? I hope to always (or at least mostly) choose the latter. 

+ Tell us more about your amazing new online community, Wild. Well, Creative.
It’s like the funnest thing I’ve ever created and been apart of. Over eight weeks, we nurture and explore our creative spirit through audio training, videos, interviews, the greatest online community ever and plenty of actionable assignments and adventures to step into our own version of living a wild, well and creative life. Self doubt, self care, fear, resistance, sex, money, collaboration, play… It’s all in there. For so many of the women in the community, it’s really been life changing. We are ALL creative beings and when we’re courageous enough to explore that, miracles really do happen. (You can read more about WWC right here).

+ Your website and eBooks, to me, feel like they are totally YOU (and totally swoon worthy!) ! I would love to know how you honed your creative vision to express YOURSELF visually in your business?

Thanks lady! Like everything, it’s been a really organic process. I knocked my logo up in an afternoon a few years ago with some watercolour and a sharpie (haha) and it’s still exactly the same today. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted my online home to ooze ME and that meant lots of handwriting, watercolour, COLOUR, white space, great type… If you could see my living room, my office, my clothes, bedroom… It all looks the same. As in, it’s just my style. So while there has never been a “brand vision” as such, every single choice and decision I’ve made with my website and eBooks (and my business as a whole) has been an expression of me. Sometimes I get it right and I’m like YEAH! And then other times, I get swept up in trends and it all feels a little gross. So I change it again. It’s always evolving, but at the core… It’s me. 

I also decided to only use photos and images on my site that are my own, and with Instagram these days and the quality of iPhone photos, this is something I think all bloggers should try. Sure, there are some great (and free) images online, but photography is such a powerful way to express yourself visually online. 

So my best advice is, know what YOU like. What colours are you drawn to? What fonts get you giddy? What images do you love? How do you want people to feel when they land on your site and they’re reading your blog posts and eBooks? Create a Pinterest board if that helps or an old school mood board, because the clearer you are on your creative vision, the easier it is to come back to it again and again (when those flashy trends come knocking…) and to also communicate that to anyone else on your team, such as a designer, photographer, copywriter etc. 



Quick Fire:

Biggest creative inspiration :: Rachel Castle.
A book about creativity everyone should read :: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
What song gets your booty shaking :: Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny Child.
Your Biggest Creative Dream :: I’ve been dreaming of a space lately with local art, creative workshops, delicious and healthy food, meditation, yoga… 🙂 And also, write many books.
Favourite creative medium :: Words.


As if I didn’t love Claire enough already, she has just made me giddy all over again!

Claire has just launched the second round of her course : Wild Well Creative, I took part in the first round and absolutely adored the content and challenges (and will be running through the content again in round two, lifetime access baby, gotta love it!)

I am a super proud affiliate and just to get your Creative juices flowing, if you sign up via this link you will receive a Lemon Canary Creative Chakra Perfume (Not surprisingly, my absolute FAVOURITE!)

I can’t recommend Claire and WWC highly enough, doors close 3rd February, 2015.


A Little More about Claire…

Claire Baker is a certified coach, passionate writer and speaker and author of ‘She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad’. Claire guides vibrant women towards a life ripe with greater confidence, less stress, improved relationships and clear complexions. She’ll have you throwing out the scales, booking the flight, launching the blog – and falling back in love with your life.

Claire believes in the power of exquisite self care for radical self expression. Through her authentic and empowering blog, eBooks and live workshops you can consider Claire your personal advocate for living an energised, playful and heart-centred life. 

Come say hi at This is Lifeblood, her online space to share her passion for all things nourishing, soulful and creative. You can also find her on hanging out on FacebookInstagram and Twitter @_clairebaker_.


Did you love this interview? Anything Claire said strike a chord?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Reply
    January 21, 2016 at 9:28 am

    Love love love this interview ladies!
    Totally filled with heart bursting inspo and I’m off to tackle and immerse myself in some creativity.
    Mwah! Thank you for a refreshing and inspiring read. Xx

    • Reply
      Claire Baker
      January 21, 2016 at 9:40 am

      Yeaaahhhh lady! Love it Georgia. ENJOY x

    • Reply
      January 21, 2016 at 9:58 am

      So happy to hear that Georgia, it was my absolute pleasure to bring it to you! Would love to hear what comes out of your creative immersion! x

  • Reply
    Claire Baker
    January 21, 2016 at 9:39 am

    What a joy this was to collab with you, darling. Thanks for having me. This series is gonna be the biz-ness. And thanks for sharing the WWC love too – can’t wait for the second round! x

    • Reply
      January 21, 2016 at 9:59 am

      So much JOY!! You are so very welcome, I am so honoured to feature you beauty! So excited to immerse myself in WWC for the second time, bring it on! x

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