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  • Body Image

    All This Body Bullsh*t

       So, I wrote this Instagram post and, it struck a chord and I just wanted to clarify.   When I say I let my weight stop me from doing all the things, I don’t necessarily mean ALL the things. I mean somethings. And the weird…

  • photo-nic-co-uk-nic-119470

    Baby, Let’s Try Getting Back to Basics

      Not a bad place to start, right? The basics… Who are you?   Who were you before the world got its paws on you?   We consume so much these days, from TV, the internet and social media, our sense of self can get…

  • adrian-sava-184734

    Social Media and Me

      A topic that has been flogged to death, yes, totally.   Something I have touched on? Nope, so here goes. In the past few weeks I have really been conscious of my consumption of social media, and truth be told, it is getting a…

  • FB11
    Creativity, Inspiring Interviews

    Interview Series : Alana Wimmer

    This week’s Creative Maven is the delightful Alana Wimmer and I couldn’t be more excited. Alana is the boss lady over at Raspberry Stripes and the creator and editor of Raspberry Magazine (swoon-worthy, you must check it out!!). I had connected with Alana a few…

  • Dream Create Do

    DREAM CREATE DO : Who the Hell are You?

        Last week I was lucky enough to attend an afternoon workshop with the gorgeous Rachel Gadiel and the ah-mazing Julie Parker, aptly titled Dream, Create, Do and just quietly, I loved it. You would think, being a coach myself, it may have been…

  • ahFzfnNob2Vzb2ZwcmV5LWhyZHIWCxINQmxvZ0ltYWdlRGF0YRjY8PcVDA
    Creativity, Inspiring Interviews

    Interview Series : Jodie Fox

          My first memory of today’s Creative Maven was of her in a cat suit, literally a cat suit, dancing as Grizabella from Cat’s in our High School Rock Eisteddfod. There was always something special about Jodie, she was graceful and fun and…

  • Self Talk

    The Crazy Things We Say to Ourselves

      I have been working with a Phenomenal coach for the last month or so (yes, even coaches have coaches) and I can’t believe the changes I have seen in myself already. Changes that I have tried, time and time again that never seem to…

  • Expectations Ruin Relationships

    Expectations Ruin Relationships : My Story

        “Expectations Ruin Relationships”   These words rang so true when I first heard them come from the beautiful Melissa Ambrosini, just over 12mths ago and I thought I had done really well implementing this divine idea. Don’t get me wrong, with my man,…