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 So, I wrote this Instagram post and, it struck a chord and I just wanted to clarify.


When I say I let my weight stop me from doing all the things, I don’t necessarily mean ALL the things. I mean somethings. And the weird thing, is that it’s not the things you would expect. I mean I’ll happily put my swimmers on and go into the water in a crowded beach well as happy as I can, but I wouldn’t let it stop me from getting in the water. Yet when it comes to my business I let my weight control what I put out into the word which if you look at the two one would assume that putting swimmers on and going to the beach has a lot more to do with my body than whether or not women should want to work with me.


Because really, my weight has absolutely nothing to do with that. Yet, I am more fearful of putting myself out there online to work with other women about really important shit than I am to put my swimmers on and bare my body to the world.

Now, I agree that’s pretty ridiculous.


Ultimately, our body shouldn’t be the reason we don’t do anything. Because, fuck it, there are more important things going on in the world than the size of any of our arses! And yet, it graces the front covers of magazines everywhere and look I am even wasting the precious time I have on earth worried about what you might think of the size of mine.


Enough is enough, the more we perpetuate this thought, the more time that is wasted. So over the next few weeks I plan on sharing a few of the ridiculous things my mind tells me, things other people have said to me that I have let stick and the things that I do (or don’t do) because I worry what you might think about my body. Why? Because I genuinely believe I am not the only one and it’s time we change the conversation. Self love is where it’s at.


By shining a light on what goes on in my mind, I hope you feel a little less alone in yours.


Because, we truly are all in this together, were are all perfectly imperfect. So stay tuned. I will also be sharing thoughts on Instagram #imperfectionposse, so head on over and join me there.


Em x

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